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A favorite moment of …. Watching & geek out over meeting each other for the 1st time. Priceless.


You mean this moment?

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I love to crochet, but I’m so familiar with it I can pretty much do it in my sleep. I need challenge and excitement and something that requires me to think. So my solution is knitting, I already have tons of yarn so that’s half the expense! Now I just need needles… which have been ordered, I went with the deluxe and chunky sets of the circular interchangeable Knitter’s Pride Dreamz. They were a bit pricey but it saves me from having to buy multiple sets later on. I think all I will need now are double pointed needles, patterns, lots of patience and time!
I should get my needles by Tuesday and i already have my first project picked out which I will surprise you with when it’s finished!

Crazy Drummer (animal) hat up for grabs in my etsy shop!